06 August 2010

Taman Sari Bus Station

Source: Dede Gunaone

Taman Sari in Bus Station in the 60's. It is now a busy shopping complex opposing the twin building of a 4-star hotel.

- Stefanus Agus Setyo Wisnu
- Young photo studio

"Foto Young" is actually still around. The photo studio is located here.

The horse carriage or "Dokar" have survived the times. The government once tried to "modernize" and replace them with mini-buses. But this was opposed and with the help of UKSW student activists and notable figures like Arief Budiman the plan was withdrawn.

These Dokars are not mere tourist attraction like in many cities. They are a normal mode of transport used by the public.

A dokar passes along Taman Sari, which unfortunately got "modernized".
Photo credit: Ahmad Abdul Haq

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