12 August 2010

Rev and Mrs. van Emmerik Farewell

Source: http://ukswsen.brinkster.net/Gallery2.html
Credit to Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja (1968 FTJE student)

Prior to the establishment of the FTJE in 1968, Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW) had already established a Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FIPIA) in 1962.
One of the lecturers at the time was Rev. Evan Lewis, M.Sc, who was sent by the New Zealand National Council of Churches

Rev. Lewis taught Calculus in FIPIA during the period 1962-1965, prior to Rev. Fred van Emmerik’s arrival in November 1964

Excerpts taken from "Encounter" (Presbyterian Church of Australia newsletter)

Farewell Party - FTJE 1969

The establishment of FIPIA provided the foundation for the later founding of FTJE.

In the July 1972 issue of "Encounter" Rev. Fred van Emmerik wrote:

"In order to fit in with existing Departments at nearby State Universities, and also to make the best possible use of our own Physics Department, it was decided to specialize in Eletrical Engineering. The greatest need seemed to be in that field. "

'Mapram' (New Student Initiation) FTJE 1969

Study tour - Kantor Pos dan Telegrap (Now PT. Telkom) Salatiga

FTJE or "Elektro UKSW" became one of the most respected Electrical Engineering Faculties in Indonesia. From a humble small town its graduates dispersed around the globe.

Quoted from Mr Emmerik's farewell message in Bahasa:

"Kita mempunyai tugas yang luhur, yaitu mengembangkan dan menyebarkan pengetahuan manusia. Segala kemajuan manusia didasarkan atas pengetahuan yang makin bertambah ; pengetahuan tentang Alam, tentang masyarakat dan yang paling penting, pengetahuan tentang manusia dan hubungannya dengan Tuhan."

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