30 July 2010

School Excursion 1976

Credit: Prima Novita Basuki

"piknik SD Salatiga 2 10 Juli 1976 di Gedong Songo klu di liat candina masih lmyn utuh"

10 July 1976 picnic of SD Salatiga II, notice that the temple was still intact.

Jalan Jendral Sudirman (II)

Source: Facebook (Wido Used Palmer Gtr)

Jalan Jendral Sudirman ("Jendsud") is the main shopping strip in Salatiga. These photos were taken in the 1950's.

Compare with Jendsud in 2010!
Credit: Cojack Larejawi

Hotel Kalitaman Waroeng

Source: Skycrapper city forum

A stall in front of Hotel Kalitaman, 1938.

Gedung Nasional 1854

Source: Oranyegirl

Gedung Nasional 1854 "GNS" is now the Town Hall (GPD or Gedung Pemerintahan Daerah). Oranyegirl mentioned in her blog that there was a historical photo exhibition at the exact building.

Construction of UKSW Library

Source: http://ukswsen.brinkster.net/History5.html
Credit to Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja (1968 FTJE student)

Construction of new library in the backdrop, friendly game with visitors from the Western College for Women, Ohio (now closed).

Copy of the college newsletter publicising the visit to Satya Wacana in April/May 1969:

29 July 2010


Source: Facebook

ESTO = Eerste Salatigasche Transport Ondememing
Translation: First Salatiga Transport Enterprises

There are 2 big garages where ESTO operated. One is now well known for the delicious "Soto" sold in the morning (soto esto*).
*note: they have moved behind langensuko (2010)

"H" is the designated number plate for Central Java. Later on Salatiga vehicles would have "H ... B" plate.

28 July 2010

Minibus Salatiga

Source: Facebook

A row of old minibuses. I would guess these are from mid-70s

27 July 2010

Restaurant Bandoeng

Source: Facebook

Random photo of a guy in white colonial suite. It seems the location is near Catholic Church now but I cannot be sure.