06 August 2010

Formation of the Salatiga Mission

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Full credit to www.salatiga.nl

Ms.  Le Jolle - Vollenhoven

The Salatiga Mission owes its origin to the work of Ms. Elise Yohana Le Jolle (1824-1906), Mother of the Salatiga Mission.

She started the word of truth from spreading, after her husband, Van Vollenhoven who had left the service due to illness (he was former director of the Military Hospital in Ambarawa), became administrator of the estate Simo, east of the road from Salatiga to Boyolali.

In 1912 there were three residences in Semarang, Pekalongan, Rembang, item 10 items 24 bijgemeenten where teachers and helpers were employed. There were also a number of hawkers that thousands of Bibles and Bible Books and other Christian literature distributed.

From the joint work of the Salatiga Mission (Mission Ermelo) and Neukirchener Mission, in 1937 the Gereja Kristen Jawa Tengah Utara (GKJTU) arose.


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