15 August 2011

Fort Salatiga

Credit: salatiga.nl

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"Het Gezigt van Salatiga Leggende op het Eyland Groot Yaava Aan de Noord Oost Zyde"

"The sight of Salatiga Laying on the Island at the Great North Eastern Yaava silk"

The Restorer fortress with a watchtower over the gate, and a road to the fort where three people walking:

The fortress is a wooden belfry.
Right, a fenced area and a farmer leaning on a shovel.
Bottom left four huts.

Drawing of Salatiga in 1775 by Johannes Rach. The fort "The Restorer" was the origin of Salatiga.

From the following excerpt shows that the fort at The Revival Church Square was the former, now Bunderan, opposite the residence of the Resident Assistant and alongside the Indian church.

.. It's a nice place, by the road in two parts split, in which way are the houses with gardens. One can find a large square, which many good houses, which the Government House a few worth mentioning. It stretches residence of the Assistant-Resident, is a beautiful building and the back porch a beautiful sight on the Merbaboe. The fort The Restorer is in the midst of the place on the square, it's always all kinds of war needs. Before hetzelve are two guns. The occupation of a battalion is camped in bamboo barracks. In the middle of the square are a spice house and a flagpole at 17 'S. Br. and 110 ° 31' 0. L. Furthermore, it is a prison, a garrison hospital , a circuit court and a country council. Salatiga intended to stay, except to the Assistant-Resident, to the Regent, and other personnel. There is also a salt salesman established. The Samarangsche orphans and property room are an agency. The Public Health is the civilian health service and the superintendence of the vaccine ordered. Salatiga is a private estates school and beyond eeee private estates teacher for the French language, in Salatiga existing Javanese town has (1857) 46 members and is led by the missionary Samarang ...."

From: Geographical and Statistical Dictionary of the Dutch East Indies. Adapted from the latest and best intelligence with a preface by Prof. PJ Veth, Amsterdam, PN van Kampen 1869.

06 August 2011

A Church in Salatiga

Credit: Tropenmuseum

Kerk te Salatiga, Midden Java
Circa 1860-1880

Mount Merbabu is shown in the background. I wonder if it is the actual building as depicted in this painting.

Tuntang Waterfall

Credit: Tropenmuseum

"Waterval in de Tuntang-rivier bij Salatiga"

Map: Location of Tuntang, about 10km from Salatiga

Aanleg van de spoorlijn door het dal van de Tuntang-rivier bij Salatiga
Circa 1857-1874

Construction of the railroad through the valley of the River Tuntange in Salatiga

Three Dutchmen and a car

Credit: Tropenmuseum

Drie Europeanen poseren op een weg nabij een vervallen huis bij de auto waarmee ze op weg zijn naar Salatiga
Dated: 27-02-1921

Three Europeans posing on a road near a dilapidated house in the car that they are going to Salatiga