07 August 2010

Lambang Kota Salatiga

Credit: Tropenmuseum

Loosely translated "Salatiga Coat of Arms". Perhaps there is significant explanation of those 3 stars with Salatiga?

This one below appeared in 1940 map by the Dutch colonial government.
credit: www.salatiga.nl

From NGL:

 Literature : Rühl, 1933; Koffie Hag albums, 1920s and http://tlvima.leidenuniv.nl

 The arms in the Koffie Hag albums +/- 1930

And the emblem today. The motto is in Sanskrit, meaning "Be happy all the people!"
(credit: wikipedia). The phrase "ÇRÎR=ASTU SWASTI PRAJÂBHYAH" is taken from the Monolith of Plumpungan. The "elephant" is Ganesha, symbolising education.

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