06 August 2010

Location unknown

Some photos which the locations are unknown or not clear.
Please help in identifying these locations by posting in the comments.

Matur nuwun (Thanks).

Credit: Stefanus Agus Setyo Wisnu

Possibly the road towards Muncul
Al Sahetapy-Purimahua hampir tak nerbekas lagi

Robert Go En Oeke Sayang tidak jelas apa itu persimpangan antara Pasar jetis, Osamaliki dan Kartini?

Al Sahetapy-Purimahua y juga sieh
tpi q rasa ni dah jalan turun k arah muncul
coz d sekitar jalan masih ada sisa rumah2 tua

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For the unknown location (3 pictures), I'd say that the 1st (a bending road with trees on both sides) was a road to Bringin, near PTP Rubber Research Center Getas(now). Whereas the 2nd and 3rd pictures were the same place-different angle taken---That is Pancasila square today. As far as I know, in the past there was an intersection dividing the square into 4 plains, and in 1974 then the roundabout was constructed.