27 August 2009

Wartime story of Salatiga

Interesting wartime story taken from this site. The Dutch occupation in Indonesia caused great suffering to the people (as with any foreign occupation). Not all Dutch people agree with the occupation of Indonesia, and some taken opposition. Eduard Douwes Dekker was one.

After arriving on Mid Java the 7e Eskadron Vechtwagens started to patrol on foot around Salatiga. And took over the protection of the power station in Djelok. Plus shooting exercises in the mountains at Banjoe Biroe. During the 2nd Police Action the 7e Eskadron Vechtwagens secured bridges and working engineers during the advance on Djokjakarta. After this it took up the patrol duties again besides participating in some greater operations around Bloembang, Djokja, and Sentolo. In the start of January the 7e Eskadron Vechtwagens took part in the surprise attack on Wates with the goal to make contact with the W Brigade.

Captain F. Kouwenhoven 17-11-1947 to 17–12-1948
Captain J. R. Schoemaker 18-12-1948 to
Captain J. J. Fetters
1st Lieutenant W. K. Brederode 09-49 to
Reserve 2nd Lieutenant G. van Osch

Executive Officer
Reserve 1st Lieutenant L. P. Couturier

Staff platoon leader
Reserve 2nd Lieutenant D. Riemers 17-11-1947 to 16-11-1949
Reserve 2nd Lieutenant Jhr. P. J. J. Six 17-11-49

Tank platoon leaders
1st platoon Reserve 2nd Lieutenant H. A. Mentink
2nd platoon Reserve 2nd Lieutenant J. J. M. Lensing to 13-04-49
2nd platoon 2nd Lieutenant Riemers 14-04-49
3rd platoon Reserve 2nd Lieutenant G. van Osch

Reconnaissance Platoon Leader Opperwachtmeester H. van Tongeren
Repair squad Vaandrig B. de Bruijn

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