07 September 2009

Taman Sari bus station

Credit: SalatigaKita
circa 1949

Salatiga's bus station was moved from Tamansari to Blotongan, and around yr. 2000 was moved again to Tingkir area. Today, Tamansari (and along Jl. Jendral Sudirman) is the heart of Salatiga's economy comprising of a new mall and crowded shops (google map link)

I'm not sure if those are esto or "borsalino" buses.


YC2BMW said...

These photos shows the old bus station at the cross-road, north of Pasar Salatiga, before it was moved to a basket ball court at the south Taman Sari area.

YC2BMW said...

These were the pictures of the old bus station at the cross-road of Jalan Jendral Sudirman (aka Jalan Solo), North of Pasar Salatiga.